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Friday, November 11, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 28

Today was delightfully uneventful in Elizabeth's medical care. She's still not eating as much as she needs to, but hasn't spit-up what she has eaten. She needs ongoing prayer for her sodium, eating, chest tube output and the blood around her brain.

Her day was not boring however. She met her uncle Dan and aunt Tia for the first time (they flew down from Seattle to do so). And at her Grandmother Suzie's insistence, she got outfitted with her first hair ribbons. Apparently, the infant hair accessories are a subject of intense debate among the pediatric nursing staff. They fall squarely into the "Pro-Bow" or "No-Bow" camps. Until this morning, I was definitely leaning "No-Bow," but my sweet little girl has won me over!

Thanks for sticking this out with us,
Matt and Sara

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