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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 37

Elizabeth continued to make progress today. She was able to start and tolerate feedings through her G-tube. She's getting 1 tsp per hour already, which is triple what she was able to take when feeding through a bottle. And even better, it's staying down! Staff and friends who haven't seen Elizabeth in several days are stunned by how different/better she looks, especially when it comes to the reduction in her swelling.

Continue praying for:

1. Sara's cold- it's hanging on and keeping her from spending more than a few minutes with Elizabeth each day.
2. Continuing tolerance of increasing amounts of food without an increase in chest tube fluid output.
3. We have started dreaming of having Elizabeth home for Christmas time. We don't know whether this is realistic or not, but we want to put it out there as a specific request. We can't think of a better Christmas present anywhere.

Thanks again,
Matt and Sara

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