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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 29

We're thanking God for a weekend that continues to be calm. Tonight, the whole Harms clan (my parents and all of my sibs and sibs-in-law) gathered in Elizabeth's room to pray together for her continuing needs and for Sara and I as I head back to work on Monday.

Specific requests you can lift up with us include:

-Thanks for such a close knit group of family and friends to support us through this time (give yourselves a big hug for us).

-Thanks that Elizabeth's sodium has normalized. Turns out, the pharmacy making her sodium replacement fluid had been misinterpreting a doctor's "11" as a "4" and only giving her 4 units each day when she really needed 11. Oops. Pray that Elizabeth will be protected from further human error. One small bummer- because it has taken them so long to get her sodium normal, she has required many more blood draws than she should have needed. Now her blood count is low again and she will likely get another blood transfusion soon.

-Thanks that the bleeding around her brain has remained stable.

-Elizabeth's eating is still way "under goal." Though she gets more down each time, she still has frequent vomitting, which seems to get worse the better she sucks and the more she takes in. Watching her eat, hoping she's taken in more than last time and then waiting on pins and needles to see if it will stay down is emotionally and physically taxing (we find ourselves with our mouths stuck in a sucking position and swallowing to try and help her out). Today I even tried saying "Elizabeth...this is your father. Do NOT throw is back up. Do you hear me?" Surprisingly, it wasn't very effective :-)

-Chest tube drainage continues unchanged. The attending physician started hinting that we might need to begin reconsidering surgical interventions in the near future.

-I'm going back to work on Monday. Pray that Sara and I will figure out "how to be" with this change in our daily routine. Pray that I won't be jealous of Sara's ability to be with Elizabeth all day, and that Sara won't be resentful of my absence. We both need lots of grace during this transition.

Thanks again,
Matt and Sara

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