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Monday, November 21, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 38

Have you ever watched some people bowling? After they release their ball, they put their bodies through all sorts of contortions, somehow hoping to "help" the ball find its way to the pins. Sitting at Elizabeth's bedside is something like that. When she's coughing, you find yourself clearing your throat in assistance. When she's breathing rapidly, you find yourself also hyperventilating. When she's squirming, you find yourself feeling cooped up and uncomfortable too. And mostly, you find yourself all knotted up, tense, and after an hour or two, completely spent. I'm starting to think that going back to work Wednesday will be a much needed rest!

Elizabeth continues to do well. She is now almost at her goal feeding rate, with only three minor puking events (politely termed "emesis" in medical lingo). They pulled out her scalp IV and the arterial line that was in her femoral artery, all in preparation for moving her to "Step-down" tomorrow. Once again, we're going to miss our private room! Pray that we get one of the larger shared rooms and the bed furthest away from the sink.

Sara however, continues to cough. She has been very disciplined and only visits Elizabeth for a few minutes, wearing a mask and avoiding getting in close. It is very hard for her Mommy's heart to be separated from Elizabeth, so keep her spirits and health in your prayers.

Lastly, Sara and I have registered "" as our new family website. Later this week (energy and tech savvy not withstanding), we're hoping to get it up and running and will soon be switching our photo posts and updates there. We're telling everyone this to light a fire under us to actually get it done. But we'll let you know officially when the switch has been made.


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