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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 40

Today marks forty days and forty nights that Elizabeth has been in the World and in the Hospital. We are praying that this marks the end of her "flooding" and that there's a rainbow-promise of continued progress somewhere out there!

Several praises to report today: Sara was deemed "healthy enough" by the ICU staff to let her hold Elizabeth while wearing a mask. Both of my ladies seemed to have recharged their bonding batteries during those sweet hours. Elizabeth has also been tolerating her tube feedings quite well. She's already up to 15 ml per hour (and it seems equal amounts are emerging out the other end- let's just say Portagen by-products are a tad bit more smelly than those from breast milk). Her chest tube drainage continues to be low and an ultrasound of her chest yesterday showed that NO fluid is re-accumulating inside her lung cavity either. The doctors' progress notes have started ending with statements like "chest tube removal anticipated shortly."

As for the fungus in her urine...they gave her a dose of that anti-fungal medication last night and she tolerated it well. The pediatric infectious disease experts saw her today and they agree she should receive a week-long course. They argue that because she only has one kidney (actually it's two kidneys that failed to separate and therefore share connections), if the fungus went up her ureters and damaged the kidney, she'd require a kidney transplant. Given that my matching blood type makes me the likely kidney donor, I quickly dropped my objections. (Of course I'd gladly donate if necessary)

I also went back to "work" today. I say "work" because I really didn't get much done and spent most of my time showing pictures of Elizabeth to anyone with eyeballs! Actually, people came to me...seems everyone knows about our ordeal and wanted to express their sympathies and support. It was nice. Maybe I've gotten everyone caught up to speed and can get my job done more efficiently from here on out.

Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, here are some things to rejoice with us about:

- Elizabeth herself- even with the ordeal of the last 6 weeks, we wouldn't trade her for anything.
- Elizabeth's progress- there have been times we've wondered if she'd survive and have come so far from that.
- God's faithfulness- though we haven't always understood His ways, He has given us the mercy and grace to survive this season
- Family and friends' faithfulness- here's where you thank God for yourself. Through your prayers, notes, emails, presents and meals, each of you has been a tool of God's mercy to us.

Continue praying for Sara's cough, Elizabeth's progress and my adjustment to working again. Sara and I already miss spending 24/7 at each others' side.

Love you all,
Matt and Sara

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