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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 44

Dear Friends and Family,

After a night of restless sleep, Sara and I spent the day at the hospital with Elizabeth. Things were pretty much similar to yesterday (more vomiting, adjusting her feeding rates downward, followed by more vomiting). She seemed slightly more comfortable at a lower rate, but slowing down her feeds was far from the magic cure we'd hoped. Right now, she's at the lowest rate she can be on without supplementary sugar. If they have to decrease any further, she'll have to go back on some IV nutrition, increasing her risk for infection and complicating her IV access issues.

While we're on her IV issues, her Broviak catheter was inserted during surgery 12 days ago, and it is meant to last her months. Not only is it a route for fluids and medications to get it, but it is the route by which the nurses draw her laboratory studies and blood cultures. Tomorrow, Sara is to begin learning how to care for it, so that when we take Elizabeth home, we'll know what to do. I just got off the phone with Sara (who's still holding Elizabeth), and the Broviak just suddenly stopped working. They're going to be working hard to figure out why and try to correct it.

After a long day of design work yesterday, Sara and I are please to announce that a very early version of our website is up and running. If I don't fall asleep, an online version of this update should be available on Elizabeth's page. If things aren't working right, be patient...the website is far from our priority right now.

Please pray that:

-Elizabeth's Broviak catheter begins working again
-Elizabeth's stomach starts working properly
-No MORE complications occur

Matt and Sara

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