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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Home & Healthy!

Before time gets away, just a quick update: We're home and miracle of miracles, our whole little clan managed to get to California and back and remain healthy!! We're all a little tired (read: exhausted!) but full to the brim with wonderful memories of rich family time. When we get settled, I'll put a more thorough update on our blog, but for now, THANK YOU for your prayers for our family, our travels and our health.
We were delighted to have a photographer come to capture some family moments and she's posted a few highlights on her blog. Feel free to stop by: Harms Family Photos
Thanks for sending all the Christmas cards, pictures and family updates. We've loved them!
Happy New Year!
Sara and the crew

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Harms Family!

As the weather drops in St. Louis, and rain pummels California, we're still hoping that tomorrow we'll be on a plane for the Harms Family Christmas in the Bay Area. We still have 3 cousins we haven't met, so we can't wait to spend 4 wonderful days together. The great news is, after nearly 2 months of constant illness, (she attended preschool 2 days in October, 1 day in November, then missed the first week of December!)  Elizabeth is--at this very moment--well. Last week, she managed to get another ear infection, but we got that treated quickly and are praying the whole family stays healthy through our trip (if you recall, with one exception, every trip to California over the last 3 years has been marked by a visit to the ER or urgent care for Elizabug and we want that trend to stop!). If we come to mind, would you pray for traveling mercies and wellness for the whole Harms Clan? That would be a miracle and we would so appreciate that.

We have so enjoyed receiving Christmas cards from many of you, and while we couldn't quite pull it together to send one out this year, we do hope your Christmas is filled with shalom. He came so that we might be at peace with God. May it be so for you.

Much love,
Matt, Sara, Elizabeth, Ruby & Hannah Mae

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Granna's Help

It's serious catch-up time. I promised to post the result of the went well. Elizabeth only needed one vein sclarosed,
and Hannah's scope looked good, all her anatomy is normal and her
esopogus showed minor esophogitis, the reason for her bloody vomit.
Elizabeth will continue to get regular scopes and Hannah should
outgrow her hernia and reflux over time. So it's good news on all
fronts. They both recovered beautifully and came home the same

We said goodbye to my mom and niece. We were so thankful for their
visit. Rachel was a fantastic playmate and Granna was super
helpful...and even managed to get matt and I TWO date nights! As
always we were sad to see them go, but we didn't have time to think
about it because we promptly all came down with the stomach flu!
Needless to say, you wouldn't have wanted to read those updates. :)