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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Elizabeth Archives - February 2007

Email Update Sent February 2, 2007:

So we'd hoped to go home today. Wednesday, the word was, "If she doesn't spike a temp for the next 48 hours, and her blood cultures remain negative (meaning no more bacteria are growing in her blood) then we'll try to get you home on Friday." Unfortunately, She's spiked about every 18 hours since then, and has started puking again. Who knows how much of this is related. The fevers don't seem to be bacterial since she hasn't "grown" anything in her cultures, but we're at a loss. We're discouraged that after the "main things" get addressed, we feel like we're left sticking our fingers in the dike trying to hold back the tide of sickness and complications. Everyday I pray and remind God that He is her keeper (I doubt He's forgotten) and that we want anything that is hidden in her to be brought into the light so it can be dealt with....But this slow decline is disheartening.

Thanks for your continued prayers....we'll let you know when we know something more.

Sent February 5, 2007:
We made it home! The blood draw happened thanks to an especially skilled phlebotomist, and all her labs were within normal limits, so we've been sent home to recoup. Thanks for praying and calling and emailing. We so appreciate your support.