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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Moon is Round

When it is dark and only a sliver of the moon is showing, what do you know?

You know that, though you cannot see it, the moon is round.

In those moments, and seasons when we can only see a sliver of God’s purposes and intentions, what are we left with?

We are left to believe what we know to be true, though we cannot see and cannot understand.

Our pastor reminded us of this during Ava's memorials service and while it was comforting at the time, in the 5 months since her death, it has become a multiplied blessing. It is now a precious monthly reminder of our dear girl.

Friends call, email and text to tell us...

The moon is round!

My heart is flooded with memories when I look up and see, and to know that others see it too...and remember Ava.

 ...and remember God.

So much of what I write here, is a gift to myself. Just me.

It's a place to process. A place to mark down where I was and where God was and what He was doing. It has become a sacred place to remember what I know is true, though the skies are dark and my memory fades.

The inspirational and life transforming truths that God has given me are just that, a gift for me as much as for anyone else. So much so, that in the days and weeks since my last post, I have visited this space often to read my own writing, and remember and rehearse what I believe.

We are doing well and one day at a time, God turns shifting sand into bedrock.

The moon is round.

God is who He says He is. 

I believe Him.

Thank you Pastor Jeremy for this story and the comforting words you shared at Ava's Memorial. We're forever grateful. And thank you to everyone who continues to reach out to us to share in our grief, to remember Ava with joy, to express your condolences and remind us that she--and we--are not forgotten. We're so blessed by your continued companionship.