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Monday, November 28, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 45

Highlights from Elizabeth's day...

*at 7:00am, I ran up to the hospital before work to say "good morning" to Elizabeth. I learned that she had begun having fevers again overnight, and that her white blood cell count (an indication of infection) was climbing. They sent all of her body fluids to the lab to look for bacteria or fungus and started her on yet another antibiotic. The nurse also reported that overnight attempts to get her Broviak working had failed. Needless to say, I left for work pretty dejected.

*at 11:00am, a minor miracle occurred and the nurse practitioner was able to get the Broviak working again. Unfortunately, they had already placed a peripheral IV in her left hand thereby taking away her favorite hand for sucking. She's resorted to sucking on her IV tube...a sorry replacement to be sure.

*just about every hour thereafter, Elizabeth was visited by a medical student, resident, fellow or attending from a plethora of specialty services. After the long holiday weekend, it seems people are finally eager to get moving and get some issues addressed. The Infectious Disease team dropped by to investigate her fever. Hematology came to investigate why she seems to be forming blood clots at the drop of a hat. Gastroenterology came to see if they could figure out why she vomits so much (finally!). Nutrition weighed in, and another ultrasound of the brain was done. Whew. No wonder Elizabeth dropped off to sleep right after her bath.

Pray that:

- Elizabeth's potential new infection would disappear or that the cause would be quickly found and treated.
- The cause of all of Elizabeth's clotting issues would become apparent and be fixable.
- Continued insight and progress on her feeding issues
- Thanks that after that one day of lots of chest tube output, the output has been decreasing again
- Thanks that Elizabeth gained a little weight over yesterday (she's still looking skinnier to us, though).

Matt and Sara

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