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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 30

We'll start with an urgent request tonight-

Elizabeth's PICC line is her only IV access currently. It is somewhat surgically placed and runs through a vein from her arm almost to her heart. With all the medications and nutrition she's receiving through the PICC line, it's really important to her care. Tonight, it suddenly stopped working. It might be clotted off with blood or with crystals of her medications. If they can't get it unclogged, it will be removed and she'll have to another one placed. Please pray that it will open back up and spare her yet another procedure.

In other news-

She's gaining weight, but we expect the new team of doctors taking over her care to begin approaching us tomorrow about retrying the feeding tube. Some have even started mentioning PEG tubes.

She is also very anemic and though everyone is trying to spare her another blood transfusion, I'm guessing she'll get one tomorrow.

So again, we're grateful for a weekend of calm, but feel like the coming week might hold some important turning points and decisions. Pray that we'll know what to do when the time(s) come(s).

Matt and Sara

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