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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 27

Good news only to report today!

Looking back retrospectively at a brain ultrasound performed when Elizabeth was 10 days old, the radiologists could now see the bleeding around the brain. Why is it good news that people missed something that should have been seen fourteen days ago? Well, it means the blood has been there for a long time, and the longer it has been there, the less likely it is to grow in size.

An ultrasound of her veins was also done today to see if progress had been made on her venous clots. Only problem is, they couldn't find them! Gone! Everyone is scratching their heads about the disappearing clots. Except for us. We're praising God for this direct answer to prayer. As a result, they were able to stop the blood thinner today, which should help minimize the risk of her brain bleeding again.

Elizabeth was finally seen by a doctor who specializes in electrolyte problems to get to the bottom of her sodium issues. The short answer is, the MDs in the ICU had some math issues, giving them the wrong answer for how much sodium they needed to be giving her. Everyone expects that she will now get back to a normal sodium with the appropriate amount of replacement. Additionally, once her chest tube output resolves, the sodium problems should disappear as well.

Elizabeth has also been eating better. She's now taking up to 2 teaspoons per feeding (not a lot, but double from several days ago). The nutritionist is threatening that, if she's not up to 6 teaspoons eight times per day by Monday, we'll have to try the feeding tubes again. Focus some prayers on this!

Thank you again for your prayers.

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