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Friday, November 4, 2005

Elizabeth Archives - Day 21

When I was in Boston attending college, I would call my parents whenever things were going badly- stress with classes, work, friends, etc. They thought I was miserable there because I never called when things were going well. So I've learned to be diligent in passing along good news quickly...hence, an evening edition of today's update.

Before I go any further, I realize we're sending out a lot of emails and reams of InBox clogging photos. If all of this is too much for you, we won't be offended if you'd like off this mailing list. Just drop us a note and we'll take you off. And if in several days, you realize you miss the pics, just email us again and we'll add you back!

Returning to the update, I'll begin by saying that nothing much has changed with Elizabeth's medical condition, except that she vomited a lot less this afternoon. Her sodium is still too low (but moving in the right direction) and there is still no firm plan on how she's going to get fed given her stomach issues. But OUR mental condition IS improving greatly. The nurse assigned to Elizabeth tonight is a gift from God. She has a can-do attitude and let us bathe, dress and then hold the daylights out of our daughter. Elizabeth was better able to focus on our faces and at one point, obviously recognized her mother's voice and moved around to try and find Sara. We naturally found all of this deeply nourishing. For the first time, we felt like real parents!

Matt and Sara

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