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Monday, December 19, 2011

Together again

Ava's home and once again, we have all our girls under one roof. Her
seizures are stable and we're hoping the medication increases will
keep her in a quiet zone. We're also praying she doesn't catch the
cold that the rest of the girls have, since illness can be a trigger
for more seizures. Thank you for your prayers and support! Goodnight.

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Janet said...

Dearest Sara and Matt - I know that you have awesome care for your little Ava. Nonetheless, I was just speaking with my sister in Michigan. She works at Children's Hospital in MI. I asked her to pray for Ava and your family, and she asked if you knew of a Dr. Harry Chugani at Children's Hospital in MI. She said he is a world renowned pediatric neurologist. I am not a medical person, and you probably know of this doctor or have equally brilliant doctors at your hospital. Nonetheless I wanted to pass this along as my sister is certain this doctor offers many hope after hope has run out –
Continuing to pray for God’s blessings on you all – Janet Tuma in CA