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Friday, December 2, 2011

Prayers for Ava...and the rest of us!

We're still here, we're still alive, but we still need your prayers!

Ava's back in the hospital tonight after having an increasing number of "breakthrough seizures" this week. She must like the Friday night menu at Children's Hospital, because this seems to be her favorite night for admissions! Perhaps she knows it's a one way ticket to a night with Daddy.

Following our discharge last week, she's been seizure free, but pretty sedated. A few days ago, she started to perk up, and that's when the small seizures began. Last night she had a number of weird "seizure-like" episodes, and because we weren't convinced they were the real thing, Matt and I took turns sitting up with her all night watching and praying. Today it became clear that we needed IV doses of her medications to properly control these episodes, which are most likely seizures. So here we go again!

Praise God~
*Ava has a brilliant neurologist Daddy. Between my mama's intuition and his medical acumen, we're a great team in caring for our complex little angels.
*after THREE rounds of antibiotics, Elizabeth, Hannah Mae and I (Sara) are all mostly well from our ear infections and colds. Matt and Ruby are also finally well, having avoided the antibiotic route, and Ava never caught our germs!
*My parents' visit and Miss M's hard work this week allowed us to catch up on a bunch of things around the house and we head into the weekend with a shorter to-do-list hanging over our heads!

Please pray for~
*Wisdom for Ava's better understand and treat her seizure activity
*Sleep and wellness for ALL of the Harms tonight. We're sick and tired of being sick and tired, and after the month we've had could sure use a break from illness. Having healthy girls also gives us much more flexibility to bring them to the hospital when we need to.
*Strength and stamina for Matt and I. My parents visit provided us with a lot of encouragement and a "shot in the arm" so to speak. Now we've got a race to run and we need the endurance to do it.
*Matt's Dad, who is also in the hospital tonight. His cancer treatments have left him very vulnerable to infection so he's getting antibiotics while we wait to see what exactly is causing his symptoms. They are far away in California, and obviously Matt carries his dad's health concerns with him always.

Much love, and gratitude for sticking with us through yet another twist in the road!

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