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Monday, December 5, 2011

Does this hat make my cheeks look big??

Um, could she be any cuter? Maybe only if she'd give us a peek at those beautiful blue eyes...but alas, too much phenobarbital makes it hard to pose for the camera!

Ava's doing exactly what we'd hoped. She's had a number of episodes we were hoping to capture on video EEG, so we're optimistic that we'll get a bit more clarity for moving forward. It is weird to feel thankful that she's having seizures, but that's where we find gives a new perspective to, "rejoice always!"


Dave, Lisette, Joshua, Colin and Shane said...

She is so kissable! What a doll! Keeping those prayers coming!

Abby said...

No, she couldn't be any cuter. Those cheeks are just asking to get munched on. ;)

svea said...

it's that wee little chin that i want to kiss. Oh how we miss her =)