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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Pretty in Pink!

Not to be lost in all the craziness with Ava is the news that Elizabeth has a sparkly new set of PINK hearing aides! She loves look at, to hold, in the case, and on Ruby. On herself? Not so much.

She has moderate conductive hearing loss in both ears, which means she just needs everything turned up a bit. Praise God it's a problem we can address! Unfortunately the first time the  audiologist turned them on, the volume was so dramatically different that she was completely traumatized! She wouldn't even touch them for days and definitely wouldn't let us turn them on. Lesson learned. So we dialed the sound way down and she's willing to wear them for short periods of time now. If she's eating ice cream. And if Ruby's wearing the fake pair given to us by the audiologist.

So we're making baby steps and are so proud of our brave, flexible daughter. She constantly amazes us with her willingness to adapt to all the "stuff" that's handed to her.


Abby said...

I love that Ruby is willing to wear fake hearing aids to help her sister get over her fear. What a kind sister. Love those girls!

Sara said...

I know, isn't she amazing? We're convinced she'll be a nurse or counselor or something...that is if she doesn't need her own therapy from her wacky childhood!