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Thursday, February 2, 2012


Elizabeth was taken back late, at 1pm, so we're still waiting to hear. The poor thing was a mess for having to go without eating and drinking all morning, and the "happy-sleepy" meds we gave her didn't help matters. They made her a sad-drunk of sorts. She desperately wanted to color....with markers...on blank paper...while sitting up. So crayons and a coloring book simply wouldn't do. She resorted to coloring on herself and the sheets...hey, whatever makes her happy, right?? Praise God, Matt had a 15 minute window between clinics and showed up at the exact right moment so he could hold Ava and I could walk Elizabeth back to the OR.

Now, Ava and I are hanging tight and Ava's even managing to help me with her feed! What a big girl!

Thanks for your prayers!

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