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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Multitasking Queen

How many times in the last 6 years have I wished I could have eat while sleeping in order to save time?? Ava's got it down to a science! As the picture shows, she's back home after a smooth 24-hour admission. Her EEG went well and the results are both encouraging and disappointing.

For the non-doctors in the group, an EEG measures brain activity, and a video EEG allows doctors to observe what a patient is doing while her brain is, or is not, having seizures. In the past, we could correlate Ava's rhythmic eye and hand twitches with definite seizures, and were also able to see many seizures that occurred without physical symptoms (called sub-clinical seizures).

This time, with the exception of an abnormally formed portion in the back her brain, they saw many fewer seizures over all. That's really good news. It's definitely possible that the ketogenic diet is working! Unfortunately that means the episodes she's having at home are not seizures...which means not treatable. They also have no explanation as to why she spends most of her time sleeping. So the burning questions we had are still not answered, and we'll have to sit tight until the MRI on the 14th.


Monica said...

My prayers are still with your beautiful family each day. You are such a wonderful example of faith and trust in our awesome God!

Amy said...

Thinking of you girls and Matt all the time! We love you guys so much and you have been such a huge influence in our lives! You are the strongest woman I've met!! Many hugs and prayers for you all!! See you on the 14th hoping and praying for good news!!!