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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

More Manna

I never tire of the manna metaphor.

God continues to amaze me with his willingness to provide for each and every twist and turn on our journey, exactly when we need it. I was heartbroken, but prepared to stay in Missouri with our daughters while Matt organized and attended his Dad's memorial service on Saturday. Then last weekend Matt and I began to pray about the possibility of me going. It would take a perfect set-up: my mom available to care for the girls, a nurse to care for Ava, 24/7, Ava to remain seizure-free and stable without any deterioration in her breathing, and PEACE for my mama's heart to leave my girls at home.

God has provided all of these things and more: My mom is here, hurray! A nurse-friend (she's so much more than that) has generously offered to come stay with Ava all weekend...and her family is flexing to allow her to bless us. One of Ava's NICU nurses offered a meal for Friday night. We've gotten many offers of help to spell my mom and our nurse friend. While Hannah is just getting sick, it doesn't appear to be as severe, and the oldest girls, my mom, Miss M and I are all on the mend. And through all of the crazy illness, Ava has remained healthy. She has been seizure-free, and is even awake more each day (see those eyes?).

Lastly, and most importantly, Matt and I have peace. Not particularly because I feel good about leaving the girls...My heart is still torn about that. (I am a mom after all!) Yet I know, because I've seen over and over:

If God is making a way, He will bring peace. 

He has opened up the way for me to go. I'm humbled at the army of people who are helping make it possible. And I am trusting He has perfect provision for every single one of us.

What grace.


Beckie said...

Sara..I'm SO glad you're able to be there...what an amazing provision. I so wish we could be there too. We are committed to a leadership retreat this weekend for leaders in our church, so we're unable to get away, but I am grieving with you all and send my love and hugs to Christine, Matt, and the whole family. Peace...

Sara said...

Oh, we'll miss seeing you friend. Thanks for the prayers. I forwarded John's thoughtful note to Matt. Thank you. Much love.

Christine said...

I'm proud of you for going. Grief is tough, and it'll be easier on both of you if you're together. Also, celebrating Sid will be healing. Hope it's a sweet time together. Wish we could be there, too. Hug my family for me.

Sara said...

I sure will Christine. Sending our love to you too.