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Friday, February 17, 2012

Ava Update

Ava is still stable in the hospital and had a good night last night. We're still investigating the underlying cause of her intermittent airway obstruction but we have monitors to watch her patterns, and despite frequent dips in her oxygen levels, she's pulling herself out of the dips by herself, which is encouraging. We're getting our ducks in a row to start steroids, which is, apart from a miracle, the last tool in our toolbox. Starting steroids will mean stopping the ketogenic diet, which could result in an increase in her seizures...can you fully appreciate just how badly we need a miracle??

Please pray~

*that God would allow Ava to fulfill the purpose for which He created her. That He would get ultimate glory from her life...and ours. That she would live every day, and we pray there are MANY, with wellness, vitality, joy and peace in her mind and body.

*For wisdom for Matt and I. God says he'll give it if we ask. He has. And we believe he will continue to.

*Peace and wellness for our oldest three. This constant transition is wearing on them and we need God to shield their hearts and minds. It has, though, been heartbreakingly beautiful to process some of this with them. They are aware of what we need, and simply asking for a miracle from the only One who does miracles. They aren't hung up by the "Why?" and "but what if?". It does my heart good to learn from them about how to approach our loving Father with my most precious desires.

*Continued peace. Every step of this journey has been marked, despite pain and heartache, by peace, assurance and unfathomable grace. He has not left us. He is gently leading us forward. Though we cannot see what is around the curve, how could we not trust Him when He has been so faithful to us thus far?

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jenn said...

Hi Sara. I started following your blog sometime ago through tawni. I remember you from high school way back when :) I have three little ones myself, 4, 2, and 7 months. I have spent many nights on my knees in prayer for your beautiful family. Your story is so touching and your faith is inspiring. I have shared your story and I know so many people are praying. I hope you can feel all the love and prayers surrounding you.