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Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We are very sad to share with you that Matt's dad passed away last night. While we all knew his health was on the decline, we simply weren't prepared for the suddenness of loosing him. His fight with cancer is over and we are so thankful that he is finally whole again and with the Lord, but we already miss him terribly. Thank you for keeping Matt's mom and the rest of our family in your prayers. 

Matt flew out this afternoon to be with her and his other siblings and I will remain here in the hospital with Ava until we get clearance to go home. It looks like that might be as early as tomorrow as long as she has minimal seizures and stays stable. She is definitely more alert in the last 36 hours and is begining to open her eyes more and drink from her bottle! We can't be sure if it was simply treating the UTI that caused her to wake up or if the steroids are working. Only time will tell.

Miss M is taking care of our three sick girls at home and single-handedly keeping the home-front in order. Please pray for the quick recovery of the Harms girls and for protection for Ava, Miss M and me. My mom will arrive tomorrow to help while Matt's in California. Thank you for continuing to carry our family in your hearts, love us in practical ways and pray for us throughout so many difficult circumstances. 
Matt & Sara

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YW said...

Thanks for sharing your story at church! I'm sorry for this additional trial you guys have to go through. Sometimes it's so hard to understand God's timing, but I'm glad to hear the continued support you are all getting. Will be praying!