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Sunday, February 26, 2012

So far...Ava Loves Steroids!

Ava's been doing well since coming home. While her sisters, her parents and her nanny have been dropping like flies around her, she is still acting well, so keep the prayers coming! In addition, she has not had any seizures, she's taking all of her daytime feedings by mouth and her breathing has completely normalized. Because she got everyone worked up, she got to bring home two new machines with her from the hospital. She has been wearing the apnea monitor (at night) and pulse oxometer (night & naps) but so far hasn't set off any alarms!

We remain on quarantine, so Mom (thank God she's here!) and I do costume changes many times a day in order to keep the girls germs away. The checker at the grocery store must have thought I was preparing for biochemical warfare with all the sterile gloves, masks, and bleach products I bought today. While she was freaked out at first, Elizabeth is finally comfortable with me wearing a mask, so let's hope it all works!

Ava is definitely still sleeping a great deal but does show us her eyes at least a few times a day for 30 minutes or so. I didn't get a weight today, but I imagine she's gaining since she has only had one episode of vomiting since coming home. All in all, it's a good report!

A touching story from today: Since one of our pastors recently broke his foot, Ruby and I were talking about how difficult that must be for his family. We brainstormed about all the ways our Daddy is helpful around the house now, but couldn't be if he had broken his foot. Ruby looked up at me and said, "It would be ok mama, because Granna would just come stay with us to help us out!" apparently she has the best grandmas in the world and their willingness to swoop in during a crisis is simply a matter of fact. What a blessing.

Matt is still recovering from this bug, but is blessed to be able to be a help to his mom during this time. His brother was there and left, and his two other siblings will arrive this week. Everyone will gather on Saturday, March 3rd, to honor his dad with a memorial service at their home church, Abundant Life Christian Fellowship. Sid Harms was a man truly worthy of the honor he will receive. It was my privilege and great blessing to call him Dad.

Thank you for your continues prayers, emails, words of encouragement during this time. We feel so very loved.


Barb said...

Yay Ava! Yay God! What a blessing to hear she is doing so well. So happy for y'all!! God is so good and faithful.

Maria W said...

Way to go Ava what a rockstar!!! Praying for her continued improvement and better health for your whole family!