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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day After Day

I sent this email to our family and friends this morning:

Following the miraculous resolution of my subchorionic hemmorrage, I began to bleed and contract have been battling pre-term labor symptoms since. Praise God, I haven't crossed over in to actual preterm labor, (I'm 24 weeks) and the baby seems perfectly happy and healthy, but because my symptoms could throw me into pre-term labor the only way to determine that my symptoms aren't hazardous is to go into my OB to get checked and last week that resulted in 2 nights in the hospital. Matt's mom has arrived to help out for the next 10 days, then my mom will take over for another 10, which will get us to 27 weeks. But honestly, this is not sustainable. I was up at 3:45 this morning with painful contractions every 4 minutes...and then, after paging my Dr. 6:00 they slowed down. Just like that, every night my symptoms ramp up and Matt and I are left to decide if I need to go in to the hospital or if things might resolve by tinkering with my medications or just waiting it out...We need serious help. We need discernment to make decisions that feel are "way above our pay grade" especially when we're weighing the impact on my body, the baby, the rest of our family and Matt's work....wait, work? what work? He's trying to hold it together, but it's hard to be a full-time Dr. to me, Dad to the kids and employee at work. 

Would you pray for us?? We're so thankful Grandma has arrived, but we could use a little break in
 the action over here. 

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