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Friday, May 27, 2011

Three days old: Ava Pictures

When I came in this morning Ava was holding on to her brand new PIC
line (an IV that allows her to get rid of all the lines in her
umbilical cord.)

Granna came with me and we brought Ruby to meet her Ava Bean.

Ruby was IN LOVE. She stayed for 2 hours and didn't want to leave. A
child life specialist came and brought crafts and a few treats. Ruby
thoroughly enjoyed herself.

So far, I've gotten to hold her in "kangaroo care" every day! Today
Ava slept for 1 hour and 30 minutes on my chest. Ah-MAZING.

Afterwards, she camped out on her belly...and loved it. She's now
getting 4ccs (just a smidge less than 1 tsp) of my milk every 3

Thanks for your continued prayers. Matt has a nasty cold now
(Elizabeth's had one for over a week now and is finally pulling
through. When she's well, she'll get to visit Ava too.) and we're
praying the rest of us stay healthy.

Taking it one day at a time, by His grace,



Colleen Dyck said...

That's awesome guys. . she is a jewel:)

I'm part of the prayer chain out here in Niverville. . .it has been an honour to watch God's Amazing Grace operate in your lives:)

adpie said...

This post is BEAUTIFUL in so many ways. Praise the Lord!

Melissa said...

She is a beauty! Praying that she becomes stronger with each day that passes! Praying also that you feel rested and are able to enjoy time with your newest treasure.