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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mag Round Two

The middle of the night is not my best time of day. Probably to the chagrin of my OB, that seems to be the time when my contractions pick up and things get dicey. When we arrived last night, I was not dilated at all (good news) but the contractions were painful and there was no telling when they might cross over into being "effective" and cause cervical changes. Around 2am, after two shots and two rounds of oral meds to stop my contractions, we had to start magnesium again because I was dilating and effacing. So it's good that I came in when I did, but this doesn't bode well for going home.

As much as ever, I am convinced that the Lord has numbered this little one's days and knows exactly how many days she needs inside me...I am thankful she is still blissfully unaware and unaffected. My family is stable and happy at home, which is a huge relief to me since concern for the girls' well-being over such a long season of me being MIA causes me the most stress right now. I don't know if and when I'll get to go home, so we continue to covet your prayers for our family, your encouragement over email and phone, and all the practical help you've been.

Hanging in there by his grace,

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