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Friday, April 29, 2011


News Flash: I get to sleep at home tonight! My symptoms are stable, the baby looks wonderful and we felt safe bringing me home to rest. The most likely cause of the bleeding is a small placental abruption, caused by the breaking off of my subchorionic hemorrhage. The bleeding is causing me to contract, so while we can manage the contractions (sort-of) we can't do anything to make the bleeding stop, so we need another miracle. Would you join us in praying that my placenta would clot off in that spot? Also, I'm on a number of new medications, which have side effects and Matt and I need discernment about how to proceed. We would really covet your prayers.

We'll be welcoming Grandma Harms on Sunday, and Granna Peterson later this month. We are, of course, thrilled to know help is coming. Elizabeth has an endoscopy scheduled for Monday, and many therapy and dr. appointments this month...Life just keeps on going!

We continue to ask the Lord to preserve this pregnancy, protect Baby Girl's health and give us stamina for the road ahead. He continues to be so faithful.

For now, I'm exhausted (bedrest is surprisingly un-restful!) and we're so looking forward to the family time this weekend.

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