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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bed the hospital

Just writing to ask you to pray our little peanut stays put for a while longer. After two days of increased symptoms, I had to be admitted to the hospital tonight for observation and to try to stop my contractions. So far the baby continues to look perfect, but too much activity and things might turn toward premature labor. I'll be 24 weeks tomorrow, so we're praying she'll stay put for at least another 12 weeks.

Matt's home with the girls and our helper, Kelli, was with them all afternoon and will come back tomorrow...praise God for her. I think it's pretty clear what we need prayer for. Matt and I are doing well...we KNOW God is at work, loves us and has a path of grace and provision for us. As for me, I still believe He's healed my clot, and am asking Him to complete the good work He started.

Thank you dear friends.

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The Haydens... said...

Thinking of you Sara! I'm sorry you're admitted; I am sure you'd rather be home. But you are taking care of baby and that's most important! I hope you enjoy some time to yourself while you're there. =)