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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back on Bed-rest

Elizabeth continues to be healthy. She's stayed well since her ear-tube surgery, and will have another upper endoscopy on May 2nd but other than that, we're hoping she remains "low-key" for the rest of the spring.


Unfortunately, after three weeks of a more modified bed-rest, I had some significant symptoms over this weekend, so we had to go get those checked out today. The girls enjoyed the field trip and the great news is, despite my contractions, the baby sounds great and from everything they could tell, I'm safe to stay home and not at eminent risk of pre-term labor. I have an OB visit and ultrasound on Wednesday and we'll get a closer look then. For now though, I need to return to a stricter bed rest, which means Matt has to, once again, don his cape and resume his super-dad activities.


The picture was taken after the girls went to an Easter Egg Hunt hosted by our church...unfortunately it was more of a symphony moment for Elizabeth, but despite being terrified of a rather freaky looking bunny, she happily consumed all the candy she could when it was over.

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