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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Please Pray for Elizabeth

To briefly catch you up, after 5 days of high fevers and only minor viral symptoms, Elizabeth's pediatrician wanted to get some labs to evaluate her. That first set of labs yesterday morning revealed some pretty significant neutropenia. That sent us back to the ER to get additional blood work and rule out a urinary tract infection yesterday evening.  After discovering blood in her urine (unexplainable and probably will result in a trip to Urology as an outpatient) they gave us a shot of antibiotics to start treating any possibility of a bloodstream infection and sent us home.
This morning, our Pediatrician's office called, and her blood cultures were positive for Strep, so they sent us to Children's Hospital to get admitted and receive IV antibiotics. Needless to say, it's been a busy few days and yet God's grace is apparent. We've noticed sweet gifts from God all throughout the last few days...making this a tad easier, lightening our load and encouraging us in spite of the yuckiness of it all. The best part is, Elizabeth has been a champ. She's is holding up emotionally and actually looking really good.  Please continue to pray for her little spirit. She was so brave yesterday, in fact, driving home from the hospital last night she said, "Mommy, The fear is going away! I was so brave!" Amen to that.  Additionally, despite having a low grade fever herself, Ruby's been really flexible.
It seems like in situations like these, we always find ourselves asking God for clarity...what exactly is the problem? what's the root cause? what's the best way to treat it and what do we do with all these other "incidental findings" that don't seem to be connected but need to be addressed as well?!? The Dr.s need wisdom for sure. Matt's staying with Elizabeth tonight and I'm at home with Ruby who has a low grade fever herself, but is hanging in there too! We'll head over to the hospital in the morning spend the day there tomorrow. We appreciate your prayers and support as we ride this out.

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