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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

IVs, Adios Nephrology & More Big Girl Bed Fun

Today was a low key day. We're working on helping Elizabeth be less
afraid of the masks so she can venture out. Today she said, "I love
masks!" but wasn't about to put one steps.

Mid-morning, we got a visit from Nephrology (they were following us
because of the blood cells in her urine) and they've signed off on
her! They believe the "benign asymptomatic hematurea" is due to her
horseshoe kidney being fused at the top (less common than fused at the
bottom) resulting in a higher incidence of blood cells in the urine.
Since all her other test results look good, they've ruled out the
scary stuff and are confident that we've don't have to worry about it.
We'll take their word for it!

Sadly, we lost Elizabeth's IV today after 5 days of great use!
Elizabeth got about 30 minutes of freedom before the next one got
placed. Fortunately, the nurse was a pro had the new one in before
Elizabeth could say, "No thank you!" It's also more conveniently
placed in her right arm, which leaves her left arm (here's a shout out
to lefties) free for eating and coloring.

Finally, I've been covertly distracting her from the bed controls but
Elizabeth discovered the power of the buttons on the sides of her bed
and had lots of fun with those this evening.

All in all, it was a pretty uneventful day. Ruby continues to be
super flexible and is really happy with our friends who are graciously
watching her. We're thankful for the delicious meals (read:
non-cafeteria food) that our friends are supplying and though we're
tired of sleeping in separate buildings, Matt and I continue to feel
God's grace moment by moment.

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