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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Elizabeth's Home!

Thanks to her Daddy's persuasiveness we were allowed to bring Elizabeth home today, a full day earlier than we'd planned! She has been doing so well in the hospital and we were able to arrange for her to get a dose of antibiotics that will last for 24 hours just before leaving and then we'll get her final dose as a shot :( at her pediatrician's office tomorrow. She's thrilled, we're thrilled, and we all agreed that home is better than the hospital.

Here are a few pictures from today. Ruby's had quite a week and has been such a trooper while being shuttled between friends. We're so thankful for Halli and Kristen who stepped in to care for her. It madethis ordeal so much easier.

Elizabeth's first request upon entering our house? "Where are my quinceanera shoes?" She got all dressed up, took out every toy we have...

...and konked out on the basement floor.

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Christine said...

Good to see the princess back in her palace!