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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fresh Air!

No major developments today. Just more assurances that we're on a goodtrack, and that even if her white count and neutrophyl count don'timprove we can go home...since it's safer to be there than here ifshe's immunosuppressed! We can't wait until Monday...

The best news is, we finally got the green light to visit the rooftop garden on the 8th floor! It's gorgeous, even in the heat and we weren't disappointed. In fact, our nurse and the med student were soexcited to see Elizabeth go outside they asked if they could come too! We called Elizabeth our little Pied Piper. While looking at the fishing the wishing pond, a volunteer gave Elizabeth a coin and said, "makea wish!" So E dutifully dropped her coin in and then watched the fish swim around and finally said, "they're eating the wish!" Too cute.

Elizabeth loved the fresh air and her energy and stamina increases every day. It's too bad we have to stay here, because she's ready tohit the park! Daddy and Ruby came for dinner and again Ruby got tofeast on Elizabeth's leftovers...we called this her "fan a little harder, more grapes please" pose.

I can't wait for them to get to play together at home again.

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