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Monday, July 13, 2009

Haingin' in there at the Hospital

The last 36 hours have been good ones. Elizabeth is clearly improving on her IV antibiotics and is adjusting to the hospital routine (read: learning that any request for a Dairy Queen Oreo Blizzard or more Dora videos will be obliged). The team is still looking for a source for the bacteria in her bloodstream, so we've had an echo and an abdominal ultrasound, both of which were clear, so we might not ever find outwhere the strep pneumo came from. In the mean time, her white blood cell count is still dangerously low (she's basically immuno-suppressed) so she can't go home until we have a little clearer picture of why. We'll see the Infectious Disease team, Immunology and Hematology today, and hopefully they'll have some insight. There's a definite possibilty that if her white count improves, we could go home with a PIC line (a more stable IV that will allow us to give her the antibiotics sheneeds at home rather than the hospital) in a few days.

Because she came in over the weekend, we were able to spend a lot of family time at the hospital. This is the first time that Ruby's been sort of aware of what's going on and it's melted my heart to watch her jump right in and make the hospital room her own. She snuggles with Elizabeth on her "big girl bed", eats Elizabeth's food and steals her apple juice when she's not watching. It makes the hospital experience so much more "normal" and we're thankful for that.

Elizabeth and I will spend today reading stories, coloring, ordering room service and pretending to be Dora and her best friend Boots on a special adventure. Elizabeth remains the bravest little girl I know.

Our friends here are jumping in to help with meals and watching Ruby so we're being well taken care of. Thank you for your continued prayers. We're surviving because of them!

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