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Monday, July 13, 2009

10 Days too long...

Today the decision was made that Elizabeth will stay in the hospital for an entire course of IV antibiotics. She can't be moved over to an oral medicine and she's not a good candidate for a PIC line since she's clotted off so many of her IVs in the past. That means we'll be in the hospital for 10 days as long as no other complications arise. Obviously we're really disappointed. Elizabeth is looking so good and every day in the hospital brings with it possibilities for complications. She's feeling better, but because of her low white blood cell count (neutropenia) she's on special precautions and can't go to the play room at all or even for a walk in the halls without a mask. The mask has not been a big hit with Elizabeth.
The great news is, we've got our own "positive pressure" room! (more air is pumped into the room and there are double sets of doors so that room air is swept out into the hall and no germs are sucked in when we open the door) It's such a blessing to be without a roommate and Matt and I are content so far to swap nights and go back and forth between being home with sleeping Ruby and being at the hospital with sleeping/beeping Elizabeth.
Would you pray for:
Wellness for Elizabeth
- NO positive cultures, fevers or other "sick" symptoms 
- a rise in her white blood cell count so when all's said and done THAT won't keep us in the hospital beyond the course of antibiotics
- clarity about a questionable finding on her abdominal ultrasound today,
protection of little and big hearts
-Ruby's being cared for intermittently by friends during the day and she's never spent so much time away from me. Pray for God to protect her heart and mind and help her feel safe and secure.
-Elizabeth is being poked, prodded, and otherwise having her personal space invaded so many times during the day. I need wisdom about how much to encourage her to endure and when to say NO MORE to well meaning doctors.
-Matt and I need refreshing, grace, fresh perspective and minds fixed on the Truth of God's goodness, faithfulness and sovereignty in the middle of really trying circumstances. We want to help create the girls' sense of well-being and need our own shored up in order to pass it on to them.
Finally, good restful sleep for all of us.

Thanks for standing in the gap for us. You're a lifeline.
For those of you who are local and who've asked how you can help:
-Meals are always appreciated, you can email me and I can let you know what we need specifically.
-Your emails of encouragement mean so much to us. Thank you for taking the time to tell us you're remembering us and praying.
the Harms

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Jen said...

sara, we ARE praying!! we love you guys.