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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Sister Princesses

We took these pictures this weekend.  Aren't they sweet princesses? I have an insatiable appetite for sister pictures right now. It just makes my heart so happy to capture their snuggles and sweetness.

Thank you all for your prayers, emails, texts, comments on the blog and offers of support and encouragement in response to our most recent post.  We feel so loved and supported. After Ava's scary night on Thursday, she had ups and downs over the next few days, and finally settled into a comfortable baseline on Sunday. Since then, she's had many fewer drops in her oxygen levels, and has been much more stable overnight. Praise God for a few days to catch our breath!  In fact, today she had a number of periods when she half opened her eyes for more than 20 minutes or so! This is a wonderful development! My computer keeps crashing, so I can't post the picture, but maybe tomorrow...I can't wait to share those beautiful blue eyes! 

It has obviously been a very emotional week for us. I think we've been running on adrenaline, and I, for one am crashing. In the middle of Ava's sudden decline, we said goodbye to our beloved Miss M this weekend. It was a rather sudden development as a result of a wonderful opportunity for her and we are so sad to see her go, but we trust God will guide us in the days ahead. He has already begun to meet our needs through so many friends, and we know He will continue to provide for us. He hasn't failed us yet!


Holly Crabtree said...

Beautiful daughters! I'm in your cousin Kim's Bible Study and she has us all praying for y'all. Never far from my thoughts. Praying peace.

Amy said...

Such beautiful girls!! Thanks for posting these precious moments :)

Jerseymomma said...

Such pretty girls!

Anonymous said...

You have the sweetest girls!! These are beautiful photos, capturing the love of your family, yet again. You are an amazing family, and an inspiration to us all as you show us how to trust in God even in the worst of times. Thank you so much for sharing the blog with everyone. God Bless you all and give you peace in your hearts.

Maria W said...

Ronan was so excited to see this picture "LOOK MOM! Elizabeth and Ruby have new jammies!" He loves playing with them in JK. Thanks for sharing your sweet girls. This post brought a huge smile to my face.