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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ava's open eyes

Ava's been showing us more of her beautiful blue eyes over the last few days, and we're loving it. Sadly she's also started having small seizures, which makes the development bittersweet. We're tinkering with her meds in the hopes of curbing the seizures while keeping her more alert and at the same time, we're continuing to pray every day that God will make all those medications unnecessary!

Preparations are underway for her big birthday bash...what a happy day that will be!

Tonight, we're thanking God for...
*Grandma, live and in-person!
*Wonderful meals all week
*Friends who run to grocery stores and on random errands at the drop of a hat
*Friends who bring breakfast treats and coffee
*Friends who hold Ava, fold laundry and load the dishwasher
*Play-dates for our girls and quiet snuggle-time with Ava
*Sweet time gazing into Ava's eyes
*A date to run errands just the two of us and Ava Bean
*New friends from church who mend our daughters clothes, fix our roof, fix our gutter, fix our computer and clean our AC filter...keeping our boat afloat!


Anonymous said...

She is beautiful! Happy Mother's Day, Sara.. you have set quite an example of how we can all be strong, loving mothers no matter what God has planned for us.

Joan K. said...

Praise the Lord, Ava IS beautiful, like her Mommy and sisters. God is with you all. Love, Joan K.