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Friday, May 4, 2012

It Takes A Village

Last week one of Ava's therapists commented on my tidy house, and I laughed when I told her, I can't take any credit for it! I put every bit of energy into caring for the well-being of my husband and daughters...and the rest? Well, we are so NOT doing our life alone. It's truly taking a village.

Earlier in the week, I'd arranged with a gal from church (we'll call her "Friend 1") to help me take the three younger girls to the pediatrician for a long overdue check-up. At 8am, I received a text from Friend 2 asking if she could run errands for me. I happily emailed her my grocery list. At 9am, Friend 1 arrived to help schlep the girls into the car. We rocked the doctor visit, and were on our way home...a mere 2 1/2 hours later. We arrived home to find Friend 3 dropping off dinner for us, so she joined us around the lunch table. Moments later Friend 4 arrived to deliver a beautiful necklace, made by yet another friend who I've never met, with Ava's name and her fingerprints on little charms.

While we were passing around the necklace, Friend 2 arrived with groceries, including a special chocolate treat for me! Later that evening, Friend 5 picked up a prescription for us, while Friend 6 arrived with play jewelry and cupcakes to have a tea party with the big girls.

Six friends helped to make one day in the life of the Harms family possible. 

On another afternoon, Miss M handed off the girls to Friend 7 while I was at yet another doctor appointment and Friend 8 dropped off dinner to feed my family so I didn't have to stress when I got home late.

When I asked her to, Friend 9 went shopping on a broken foot, and brought every plaster impression kit she could find, so we could capture Ava's precious hand and footprints.

Our pastors call and visit to encourage and pray with us. Ava's nurse brings me caffeine when she arrives for her weekly in-home assessment. Friend 10 comes on a moments notice to give us an extra set of hands.  Friend 11 picks up Elizabeth from school in a pinch. Friend 12 delivered flowers and handmade treats from her daughters for my birthday. Friend 13 does my online shopping, and along with Friend 14 is my acting "administrative counsel", letting me use her brain instead of mine for problem solving all sorts of things. Friends photograph our children and film our family moments, providing us with treasured memories to keep forever.

Friends bless me with birthday conversation and yummy desserts and ambush Matt with a lunch, drag him off to a movie, and keep him going on his weekly runs. Friends leave their children with their husbands and in-laws, drive seven hours with big pregnant bellies and haul their three kids across the state lines to come and be real-time help. And still others are just waiting for the go-head.

Mrs. R is Elizabeth's angel at school, teaming with her wonderful teacher to make school a fun and safe place for our sweet girl. My sister has four young girls and a busy life, yet calls me every single day.

Grandmothers hop on planes with a moments notice to come help while Grandfathers fix faucets, repair windows, paint molding and help build garden boxes.  Friends and family call, pray, cry, laugh, send notes and gifts to encourage us, bless the girls with treats and hugs, hold Ava, do our dishes and fold our laundry. All-told, friends and family have given us thousands of dollars to help us hire full-time help. People we've never met run errands, fix our computer, shovel our sidewalk when it snows and mail our daughters notes of encouragement.  

We call this our pile o' love. It is evidence of meals that have been lovingly prepared for us week after week. And these are just the dishes that weren't disposable!
I could go on and on. Yesterday friend took the middle girls on a play date much of the day so I could have quiet snuggle time with Ava, get some rest AND a shower. This morning a friend brought her kids over to play, and folded my laundry. Tonight a friend showed up to help with dinner clean-up. Simply amazing. 

We cannot possibly list every person who has given of their time, energy or finances to support us in the past six years, but please know, we have been blessed by each act of kindness. We could spend a year writing thank you notes, and still have more gratitude to express. We are being carried, and helped, supported and served many moments of every day and it's possibly the kindest mercy Elizabeth and Ava have given us. They have drawn people into our lives and they...YOU...are loving us so beautifully.

Every time you cross my mind, I break out in exclamations of thanks to God.
Philippians 1:3 (The Message)


Barb said...

Even though I know this happens for you daily, reading this post made me smile. I love how God takes care of us through the body of Christ. He is so good. Love y'all!

adpie said...

Praise the Lord. His provision is AMAZING. I am reminded of the words to a song..."O the love of the Lord is a marvelous blend of the gift of His son and the hand of a friend."