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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Wednesday: the New Friday

Ava has been seizure free for 34 hours, so we've gotten the go ahead to head home this evening (instead of Friday) and follow up as an outpatient. Thank. You. God.

This picture is a good indicator that we're not completely "back to normal" yet. At home, unmediated, she NEVER sleeps on her back OR she's still a bit sedated from her medications, but she's been slightly more alert, and continues to eat ok (albeit with frequent vomiting), so they're willing to let her go home.

Thank you for your faithful prayers, encouraging emails and comments, phone calls and meals. We have a lot of unknowns ahead of us as we, once again, grapple with a new diagnosis. Here's to working it out in our own home!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Matt and Sara-
What a precious family you have! Thank you for sharing about the journey God is taking you on.
I am a friend of Melissa Lindsey from her new home town in Wisconsin. She told me about you and thought we might like to connect. My husband and I were also blessed by God in 1991 with an unexpected gift and journey. Our Timmy was born severely physically and mentally disabled mostly due to an intestinal disorder and a seizure disorder. By the Lord's mercy, he outlived all earthly reasoning and expectation to almost the age of 15.
If you want to ever contact me, Melissa can give you ways to reach me.
Abundant blessings,
Cynthia Demarest