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Monday, October 10, 2011

Elizabeth's IEP Update

Because I know a some of you also have little ones needing IEPs, I
thought I'd share that today's IEP meeting was wonderful. I'm amazed at
how much I truly like each person on her team! Each therapist and educator genuinely strives to understand Elizabeth, how she works, thinks and feels and seeks to best tailor their approach to help her thrive. I honestly couldn't ask for more.

Because she has a shadow (an adult assigned to her) for the entire school day , we're going to suspend of the 90minutes each day that she's been getting pulled into Special Ed and she'll be mainstreamed the whole day! The idea is, a shadow accomplishes what TLC would (we hope) and she gets more opportunities to flow, learn and interact with her classmates, while still having 1:1 support for all the areas of difficulty. For her social development, especially, it's a big win. She'll continue to have all her therapies as well as two 30 minute social skills practice groups each week.

I'm especially thankful for her teacher, whose idea this was, and for her shadow, who will be key to implementing it. These two women are such a gift.


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Great news!! This is what I hope for Liam next year :)