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Friday, October 21, 2011

So far...

Ava had 9 seizures overnight and then had a 4 minute long one just an hour ago. Matt is still with her and I'm heading up to swap with him so he can get a bit of work done today.

I don't know if we consider it "good" news, but so far all the tests have come back clean...

*her blood and urine aren't growing bacteria
*her spinal tap didn't reveal any infection
*her CT scan did not show any enlargement of her ventricles (fluid in her ventricles would be an indicator that her hydrocephalus is back)
*her "shunt series" (an xray) did not show any breaks or kinks in her shunt, so her hydrocephalus is stable, and not the likely cause of her seizures

At this point, the most likely theory is that her shunt is causing/has caused brain injury and that is resulting in her seizures as her brain has matured. That also seems to point to a longer-term problem, on that will need medication and regular follow-up.

*She's going in for an MRI now, and will get an EEG later today hopefully. She's definitely showing signs that her system is being affected by all the seizures...please continue to pray for her little brain and heart and body.

Our sweet in-town Auntie, Marsha is here with the girls and Elizabeth is having a regular day at school...

I'm off to see my sweet one.

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