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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Wireless Wonder

Ava's first night in the FPU went beautifully! I still had to wake her up every 3 1/2 - 4 hours, but she ate by mouth at every feed. She did not eat her goal volume, but she stayed hydrated enough that we can try it again tonight. For the second night in a row she lost 15grams (half an ounce) so that needs to turn to weight gain in order for us to move toward discharge...but we're moving in the right direction with all oral feeds. Now she just needs to feel those hunger cues and wake up, and eat a whole meal! Easy peasy!

In fun news, we have one of my favorite nurses tonight, and she suggested we pull Ava's NG tube since the plan is not to use it for now...isn't that a beautiful face??

Thank you for all your prayers. Ava's nursing is definitely improving, the girls had a great day and Granna got a little rest too thanks to a sweet friend who took the big girls to the park & Matt's studying went well. One day down! Now, sweet Ava is tucked in for a few hours, so I'm going to try to rest too!


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Marcia said...

Sara - I am so excited for you that you have the opportunity to stay 2 days with Ava - I am praying that tonight she has the best night ever. I am also praying you get some sleep! And I am super excited for Elizabeth to start school on Monday, I pray it will be great for her and you will find peace with this! I am happy your Mom is there so you have some help. I am here is she needs me - I'd be happy to give her a break or stay with the girls so she can go to Hospital with you - whatever you need - please call! Take care my new friend.