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Monday, August 1, 2011

Big girl!

Ava just took her first "all PO (by mouth)" feed! She nursed for 13 minutes and had some good burps and fell fast asleep. If she's not careful, someone might just say she's ready to go home soon! ;) It will still be a while because she has to do that every three hours and gain weight over a few days, and right now she's still sleeping through 4 of her feeds and only taking about half of her "goal volume" by mouth at the other 4, (the rest gets pumped through her NG tube) but this is the first step! Thank you for those prayers! My mama's heart is very happy. Now I'm off to see my big girls!


nichole said...

This is great news Sara. I'm so happy to see Ava's updates. They are so encouraging.

Dave, Lisette and Joshua said...
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Dave, Lisette, Joshua, Colin and Shane said...

Go Ava!!