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Monday, July 18, 2011

Extubated and sleeping peacefully!

Ava came off the vent around 2:00 and after making her protests known, fell fast asleep on her mama. Praise the Lord for His mercies today. We would appreciate continued prayers...

~ for Ava to remain infection and complication-free!
~ for Ava to recover from the procedure quickly and start to breastfeed with gusto!
~ for Ava's parent's not to drop where they stand! (Read: supernatural stamina for Matt as he works on writing his paper and multiplied rest for both of us. Tonight I fell asleep three times while telling the girls their bedtime story...I'd rouse and wonder what I was talking about?!? It made for an interesting story though!)
~ for Ava's sisters to hang in there and for a special blessing on our tremendous caregivers. God bless these amazing women for loving our girls so well.

Finally, now that we've seen the final report, Ava's MRI from Friday showed that some of her brain was harmed by her enlarged ventricles. It's very possible that this area will recover now that the pressure has been relieved and we are of course praying for that. We'll know more after a follow-up MRI in 3 weeks.

Bless you for YOUR stamina in lifting up our family day after day. Please do not grow weary! Your prayers are having an impact. Matt and I know that in spite of all we're going through, our marriage is as strong as ever, our family is strained, but not broken, our faith is steadfast and we are able to give glory to the grace of God, because of your prayers.


Karien said...

Hi Sara,
I have been reading all your posts, and you and your family have been in my thoughts during the day, every day. I am praying for your family, and for Ava. Your strength throughout all of this is amazing. Inspiring. Contagious. God will never give you more than what you van handle. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking about you, all the time, and praying with many others.
(old friend of Micah, friend of Tawni, .... Memory jogger, I was the one who broke my leg on the trampoline:)

Lisette said...

My Dear Sara,
Between you and Duncan, I find my self in constant prayer for healing. I pray for you as Mommy to get some rest. Thank you for sharing her with us. I love you and Ava is soo precious!! She looks like Big Sister Ruby!! Hold strong to the faith honey!!
In Jesus Name,

Kristin said...

Hey Sara and Matt,

I saw the message on the city from Matt and jumped on here and started praying. So glad Ava is doing well following her surgery! Please keep us updated on what to pray for. Also, what do you need (besides sleep!!!)? Food? Money? Babysitters? A place for visitors to stay? Please let me know!

Your old Wyoming neighbors, :)
Jesse and Kristin

sara said...

@karien, yes I remember you! Thanks for following our journey and praying for us.
@lisette, your prayer muscles sure are getting a workout these days. I'm praying for little Abby too...I'm so grateful our God is big enough for all of our heartaches and trials. Thank you for your encouragement friend.
@Kristen, thank you so much. I emailed you the meal info through the City.

Jen said...

praying, praying, praying, sara!!!