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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ava Cozy and Comfy

This is how I spend my time with Ava these days. She loves to be close and literally falls in to a happy coma as soon as I cuddle her. As you can see by her monitor (those are all good numbers!) she's in baby-heaven. And let's face it's great for both of us.  Here's the latest.

Everyone is pleased with her recovery from surgery. Yesterday the Neurologist came by to walk through the MRI results with me and showed me all the areas that appear to be damaged, which they'll be watching on the next MRI.

Would you be praying that the area of her brain which appears injured would fully heal? 

She is still sleeping a lot, and winces whenever she's jostled, so she's not yet fully recovered.  But she's calm when she's still and we've been given a green light to try to restart nursing. Today she did great! She ate for a good 4 minutes or so, and that's the best she's ever done! That sure made my heart full.

Would you continue to pray for her to wake up and eat? This is the only obstacle to her going let's get this party started! 

She's doing well otherwise and weighing in at a hefty 5lbs 11oz! Please pray for no more complications for our little Bean.

Thank you for your prayers for our family. It's such an encouragement to get your emails, comments on our blog and voicemails. You're never intruding by letting us know you're thinking about us! This big girls seem to be in a good grove (total answer to prayer!) and Matt and I are still standing. More on that later.

For now, just know your support and prayers mean so much to us.

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Kimberly said...

She is truly do beautiful--as are you! Praying here in Idaho for you all.