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Monday, July 18, 2011

Ava's out of surgery and doing well!

She's sleepy and still breathing on the ventilator but hopefully she'll be extubated soon. The surgeon said it was textbook and there were no complications. Thank you for your continuing prayers!

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Manda said...

Hi! You don't know me but my family and I go to the Journey and we got an e-mail for a prayer request for your daughter. I was compelled to share our story with you to show support.

Our 3rd baby, Gavyn is now 17 months and he has hydrocephalus. When he was 2 weeks old he got very sick with Group B Strep that gave him meningitis and the meningitis gave him his hydro. He was in the PICU at Cardinal Glennon for 3 weeks and on the main floor about a week. They sent him home un-shunted at first hoping that his body could regulate the hydro but after about 2 weeks the pressure grew and we were back at the hospital. He had a shunt placed last April and we have been malfunction free! He is our little miracle baby and we love him very much. He has been very slow with his progress but he has continued to make progress. I know hydro is scary and having a shunted baby is extremely scary when every sign to look for is also just a normal fussy baby or slightly sick baby. We have had our number of calls to his neurosurgeon, neurologists and regular pediatrician with concerns but he has been fine. I know how hard it is to have older children who need you, a husband/wife who needs you and a tiny baby fighting for their lives at the hospital. It is the most exhausting experience a parent can go through. God is good and strong though and will hold you, carrying you through it all.

I was reading through your blog and saw you have another child with health issues. We can relate in a way as well. Our middle son has developmental delays and sees extra doctors and does a lot of therapy during the week. It is a heavy load to carry to worry for two and get them the care they need. Again, God has been faithful and good and we have seen lots of progress for him as well.

Please, if you need someone to talk to about hydro, how scary it will be when she comes home, etc. do not hesitate to get in touch with me. We have gotten a lot of resources since bringing Gavyn home and I am more than willing to sit and share with you. Or if you need someone to come pray up at the hospital I would be willing to come. I know how hard it is to sit there especially on the bad days.

Praying for you,

Amy said...

Holding you and your dear family in my prayers, Sara.

sara said...

@manda, We met your husband at the parent class when Gavyn & Hannah Mae were dedicated, and marveled then how much we had in common...little did we know! Thanks for sharing your story and your encouragement. It's a blessing to know you're praying for us, and you truly understand what we're facing. God is so kind.