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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Good News, Bad News

The good news is:

Matt met with the Infectious Disease Dr. and what we're seeing with Elizabeth is totally typical for kiddos with a poorly functioning spleen (mostly kids sickle cell anemia). So it's not uncharted territory as far as treatment goes.
The bad news is:

The treatment is 7-10 days of IV antibiotics. So we'll be in the hospital for a while.

I'll elaborate later, but for now, Matt's staying the night with Elizabeth and I'm at home with the girls, so I need to get dinner ready. Since it's RSV season, kids under 15 are not really allowed up to the patient rooms so we'll be working on childcare for the girls starting Monday when Matt needs to do at least some work.

Thanks for your prayers,

Here's a picture or E's recent lost tooth, and then from the ER this morning. Elizabeth, as usual, is a rock star. Hannah is enjoying holding down the stroller (aka: luggage rack)

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