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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Elizabeth's holding steady

"She's not as sick as she was"...that's the diagnosis around here. Elizabeth's fever came down with the help of some Tylenol (which we have to give her cautiously because of her liver issues resulting from the clot there) and overnight she held her own and hasn't spiked since. Her abdominal pain has "resolved": she isn't complaining and doesn't react when we push around on it. So she's on broad spectrum IV antibiotics for 48 hours and if her blood cultures from last night remain negative and she doesn't have anymore abdominal pain, then the plan is for us to get discharged tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon or evening. Yay!

Matt saw patients this morning, so I sat with Elizabeth in the hospital today while Hannah & Ruby played with our sweet friend and babysitter here at our house. Matt's back at the hospital overnight and we'll swap again tomorrow so he can avoid canceling his clinic patients, some of whom have waited 6 months to see him. So we've got a plan through tomorrow afternoon....everything after that is up in the air. Thank you for your prayers and your emails of encouragement. They were such an encouragement as I headed off to the hospital this morning.

Sustained by His grace,

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