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Sunday, September 13, 2009


We're home! A day early! We're thrilled and exhausted and looking forward to sleeping in our own beds tonight. On Thursday Elizabeth lost her IV and it took SIX tries before they were able to place a new one...she was traumatized to say the least and we drew the line and said if she lost another one, they'd have to figure out another option for getting her meds into her. We were able to get the team to agree that if she lost this one, we'd have 7 days under our belts and it was probably safe to go home on oral antibiotics. Then while the nurse was changing her tubing this morning, it clotted off and that was all it took to get the discharge orders rolling! We're so thankful for your prayers, for meals from good friends, for visits and a wonderful arrangement for Ruby to spend the week with her buddy Sophie, for amazing nurses who adore Elizabeth and gave her such gentle (except for the IV incident) care, and that once again God has sustained us with his grace.

Here are a few highlights from the last few days of our stay.

E had 30 minutes in between IVs on Thursday night. We headed to the playroom and she jammed on the guitar.

~Our friend Adam (who's a Pediatrics Resident at Children's) recommended Elizabeth get seen by the music therapist and she had a wonderful time! It was certainly a highlight of our stay and we're thinking of working with her again in the future

~Ruby's super excited to have her sister home

~Part of Elizabeth's fan club...the nurses who've cared for her this week...they fight over who will get her each day, it's pretty cute.

~Elizabeth was ready to go!

Thanks again for your support for our family,
Love, The Harms

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