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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Elizabeth's Liver Biopsy Tomorrow

Just a quick note to ask you to pray for Elizabeth's liver biopsy tomorrow. When she was admitted to the hospital the first time this summer, she had an ultrasound to rule out any infection in the fluid around her belly. On that ultrasound, they found changes on the surface of her liver that are consistent with cirrhosis. While diagnosing cirrhosis with an ultrasound is about as reliable as diagnosing cancer with an ultrasound, the changes were part of a small trend over a few months and it's worth getting some liver tissue to know for sure. So tomorrow I'll take her in for an ultrasound at 7:00am, and then the biopsy is at 9:00. She'll be sedated and intubated, and then will need to stay in the hospital overnight for observation since she's at increased risk for bleeding after the procedure. Ruby will stay with her friend Sophie all day while Matt's at work, then around midnight Matt's parents will arrive from California to help us celebrate Elizabeth's (and Grandpa's and Matt's) birthdays!
Would you pray for a peace-fulled, God-ordered day tomorrow? (and today for that matter as we try to get a bunch of "life" details in order before the procedure) We need heaps of grace as we try to keep all the balls in the air for the next few days. We're asking God that Elizabeth's biopsy would come back clean and that she would NOT have any signs of true cirrhosis. We believe it's possible!
Thanks for being "on call" for us in prayer. We rest knowing that the Maker of heaven and earth truly cares about Elizabeth Joy and our little family and has already made provision for what is to come.
We'll email you to let you know how it goes...
ps- the picture was taken this weekend at the Missouri Botanical Garden. Elizabeth LOVED petting the cows and we all enjoyed a visit from Matt's cousin Michael and a great day at the Best of Missouri Market.

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